We are a team of experienced facilitators-hosts-trainers, all deeply curious about what is possible at a collective level. We bring experience in Art of Hosting, systemic constellations, trauma healing, deep dialogue, social innovation, systemic ritual, and more… working cross-culturally in many countries and cultures on challenging social and environmental issues.

Luea Ritter

LueaMy work weaves together innovative change processes, the arts, trauma and healing as well as community building and conflict resolution practices to strengthen participatory dialogue and collaboration creating the conditions for healthy solutions to emerge for all. In my work with societal transition processes, I especially focus on working with the land and I am inspired by regenerative design and living systems approach.

I have a background as an art curator, having led different international trans-disciplinary organizations and initiated regional festivals that integrated art, with performance and social and ecological education activities. I am trained as a cranio-sacral and trauma therapist and over many years explored a range of holistic and indigenous methods of healing.
Through my work as a practitioner of Systemic Constellation and Art of Hosting I facilitate, coach and steward multi-sector and cross-cultural transformative change processes. I work internationally in diverse sectors (such as sustainable energy, arts, education, civil society engagement, social entrepreneurship, etc.) advising on healthy organizational, community and cultural development that embrace the complexity and potential of our times.
My underlying source is the passion and care for co-creating conscious environments, where the whole can unfold serenely while contributing to a wholesome way forward for the challenge we are facing as a global community. www.shifts.be

Marie-Hélène Elleboudt

As a group facilitator, trainer & change maker, I have a special interest in issues related to citizenship, environment, architecture\urbanism & social change. With a background in Systemic Constellations, I am particularly drawn to how to tap into the knowledge of our body as sensing organ within fields & systems, and from there, how to connect with the larger social body and its innate knowledge and wisdom to find ways to manifest our  highest possible future.

Experienced in citizen participation processes, we like to bring together multiple stakeholders (administrations, institutions, citizens, technicians, …) & design for them the safe spaces where dialogue & presence helps them find the drive to cocreate solutions for their towns & villages.

Ria Baeck

Baeck Ria pasfoto - JulieI started my professional life as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. I’m born, raised and living in Belgium. My earlier work was in psychotherapy and personal development integrating the body in the process of healing; also trauma healing (based on Somatic Experiencing). Besides being a coach and mentor, who combines deep compassion, bodily awareness and a lust for life, I facilitate and host transformation in individuals and groups. I am a transformational change professional who has a rich background of experience and interests, also working with Systemic and Organizational Constellations, revealing the hidden dynamics in human systems and bringing them into flow again.

My personal interest is in the field of conscious and participatory leadership (eg. Art of Hosting) and how this relates to team, groups and communities – and global systems. The synergy of being trained in different methods, together with a lot of experience give me the skills to discern easily the origin of blockages in organisations and systems in general: in the realm of the relationships, in the structure or in the individual. Because I draw on the mental, the emotional and the intuitive knowing, it often brings totally new and fresh solutions in a short time. I am always fascinated by ‘What else is possible?’ and ‘What’s next?’.