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Two Days for Change Practitioners – Antwerp

17 October 2019 - 18 October 2019

The 8 Breaths of Process Architecture – 17 October
Leading through Stories – 18 October
with Mary Alice Arthur
Antwerp, Belgium – Supported by Ria Baeck and Helen Titchen Beeth

In a time of great change within our societies, workplaces and governments, more and more consultants, facilitators and coaches are being called to engage with complex processes (big groups, sustainable innovation, many stakeholders, …); and the stories of people longing to make a difference. This is the same world in which people expect results fast – although we all know that sustainable change takes time. 

  • What are the skills and practices you need to work with/in change management – organisational development?
  • How do you keep a core team together long enough to achieve meaningful and resilient work? 
  • How can we achieve impact by exploring, telling and working with powerful stories?

In two workshops, we will explore and practice!  You are invited to attend either one, or both. 

The 8 Breaths of Process Architecture (Thursday, Oct.17) 

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of the different stages, challenges and opportunities (called ‘process architecture’) in transformational change processes? This powerful framework enables you to chart your course and track your progress.

The 8 Breaths of Process Architecture originates from the Art of Hosting/Participatory Leadership global network www.artofhosting.org. From practice, they discovered that every process, project and meeting follows the basic “breath” pattern — divergence, emergence and convergence — applied to: the original call, clarifying phase, invitation process, actual meeting, harvest, actions, reflection process and the whole. Just as how you breathe makes a difference to your health, realising where you are in a change process makes a dramatic difference to the efficiency, participation and emergence of a process.

“Two people can use the same tool and have dramatically different results based on different levels of presence or depth achieved through personal practice.” – Mary Alice Arthur  

It takes practice and careful reflection to recognise what stage a group is in and what type of leadership and facilitation is needed in that moment. When used by a project group, a facilitation team or a consultant, it can make all the difference to creating resilient and sustainable results.

You will have the opportunity to apply the 8 Breaths to your specific context. Please come prepared for a hands on and very participatory workshop.

Date: Thursday Oct.17, welcome 9.30, start 10.00 – ending 17.00
Location: Preez – La Maria, Karel Geertstraat 2A, 2140 Borgerhout – Antwerpen
Costs: see below
Registration here.

Leading through Stories (Friday, Oct.18) 

Telling and using the power of stories is how we connect as humans — and business leaders are picking on on this influence. But how do you actually apply stories in a change process?

When dealing with complexity stories can help in…

  • How to adapt our leadership to the increased complexity and speed of change in business?
  • How to support people to step up individually and bring their best capacity while still maintaining a strong collective core focus?
  • How to bring more commitment and meaning into the work you’re doing so that others want to be committed as well?

Working with stories of projects, initiatives, organisations, teams and individuals can offer a bridge between knowledge and wisdom. It is a way to capture both knowledge and create shared vision. For leaders, consultants and managers, working with storytelling can improve communication and strengthen teamwork and collective action.

We’ll be working with some simple, but potent methods you can easily take away to apply in your initiatives.

Date: Friday Oct.18, welcome 9.30, start 10.00 – ending 17.00
Location: Preez – La Mara, Karel Geertstraat 2A, 2140 Borgerhout – Antwerpen
Costs: see below
Registration here


You have two options for payment. Please choose according to your situation and interest. The price includes training, lunch and snacks. 

A) Traditional pricing – Early Bird extended for one week!!
One day workshop – Early-bird – Paid before Sept.27
– Business: €315,00 (+21% VAT)
– NGO/self-employed: €180,00 (+21% VAT)
One day workshop:
– Business: €350,00 (+21% VAT)
– NGO/self-employed: €210,00 (+21% VAT)
For two workshop days: Early-bird – Paid before Sept.27
– Business: €570,00 (+21% VAT)
– NGO/self-employed: €340,00 (+21% VAT)
For two workshop days:
– Business: €630,00 (+21% VAT)
– NGO/self-employed: €380,00 (+21% VAT)

B) Shared Economy pricing
Shared economy is a system that allows you to self-determine how much you pay and to partake in the budget responsibility. It requires an initial payment, to cover minimal costs, in this case €110 (plus 21% VAT) for one day; or € 220 (plus 21% VAT) for 2 days.  At the event, you will be invited to make a second payment based on your financial context, information on the event budget and your experience of the training.
For more information on shared economy, a blog post by Ria Baeck.

Hosted by:

Mary Alice Arthur with support of Ria Baeck and Helen Titchen Beeth — both with expertise in long-term and complex change processes; both Stewards in the international Art of Hosting network — and some apprentices.

Mary Alice Arthur
Mary Alice is a Story Activist, using story to help create positive systemic shift and for applying collective intelligence to the critical issues of our times. Her art is in creating brave and transformational spaces where people can find and live into the stories that take them to their most flourishing future. Building the capacity for participatory practice supports people to take back the power of their stories so they can make wiser choices together. She is a sought after process consultant and event host, and an engaging speaker. As an international steward of the Art of Hosting she teaches participatory practice around the world. Through Story the Future  she is spreading the meme of Story Activism, supporting people to develop their skills and practice, and engaging in leading edge conversations about the power and potential in our world. More on her work and resources 

Ria Baeck
Track-finder – Co-initiator – Illuminator
The question that always guides Ria’s work is: what is the next bit of potential that is ready to take form – in individuals, teams, organizations and large systems – with just a little bit of help?
Together with this enduring curiosity – also in her personal life – Ria’s almost 30 years’ professional experience and her capacity to create safe learning spaces, have made her a master support for real participatory and innovative approaches. Always scanning what’s new in work, collaboration and co-creation, she combines a range of tools and practices that are useful and effective. She is known for her embodied presence and inner repose, as well as her highly developed sensing skills, crucial in designing emergent processes.
She has written the book Generating the Future Together. Collective Presencing, our New Human Capacity (in draft, online)

Helen Titchen Beeth
After 30 years of working as a linguist and pioneer of participatory leadership inside the European Commission in Brussels, I have stepped into a new life of freedom to sink into a deeper communion with Life – Earth and all who dwell thereon. I see this as a deepening of my practice of collective presencing, an adventure I have been on for the past 12 years. I also play an active role in stewarding the practices of the Art of Hosting conversations that matter throughout Europe and elsewhere.

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17 October 2019
18 October 2019
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La Maria
Karel Geertsstraat 2A
Borgerhout-Antwerpen, 2140 Belgium


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