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The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that matter – Training – BE

14 November 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 17 November 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Organised by Schumacher Sprouts
at Froidefontaine Farm, 14-17 November 2019

As our world is facing considerable change, we recognize that collective initiatives have an important role to play. They enable us to take a step back from the duality of individual versus collective and instead weave it all together to create something beautiful. Co-creation is a meaningful answer to face complexity, increase resilience and design regeneration. Nevertheless, working collectively is not straightforward, hence it is important to reflect on how to work together.

Have you ever felt a common project ended up being carried by one individual for lack of transparency? Do you wonder how a collective project can maintain its strong original purpose by using proper communication tools?

Using the practice of ‘Art of hosting conversations that matter’, over the course of a weekend, we would like to explore:

How to weave individuals with shared values into thriving collective projects with impact?

Some questions we will be approaching, related to the successful co-creation of projects are the following:

  • How do we work together?
  • How do we create collective projects? What can we create together?
  • How do we create the feeling that people work for something bigger than themselves?
  • How do we find common ground to realise our dreams for a future where all beings can thrive?
  • How do we lose our boundaries and stay authentic?

About the course – What you will learn while doing

  • Conduct meaningful conversations and harvest new insights and innovative actions based on collective wisdom
  • Design processes for large and small groups that lead to co-creation and collective wisdom
  • Apply participatory leadership in your own context
  • Select practical methods and techniques for your projects and their associated challenges
  • Better understand complexity and group processes and know how to navigate them

This is a very interactive training that throws you immediately into the bath of participatory leadership. We make the theory concrete from the start and get started with the questions, ideas and projects of the participants.

What the Art of Hosting training will bring to your organization:

  • New tools for decision making and supported decisions
  • More flexibility to deal with complexity
  • See diversity as an opportunity rather than a problem
  • Reflections and practice on governance
  • and so much more…

The training consists of a mix of relevant models and practical methods that will help you to understand leadership better. We will apply methodologies to explore how to harvest collective wisdom. We will get the opportunity to actively practice methodologies for working in a participatory way, such as World Café, Open Space, Collective Story Harvesting, etc. We will not only pay attention to the various processes, but also to the preconditions for them to succeed. In this way you will integrate concrete facilitation tools to get started on, or apply to, your own project.

The Organising team: Schumacher Sprouts

This Art of Hosting training is co-organised by the Schumacher Sprouts, an organization that means to engage learning communities inspired by the Schumacher College (https://www.schumachercollege.org.uk) teachings. The training will therefore include some of the teachings and aspects of community life of the Schumacher College, such as meditation, cooking and gardening, all based on a “Head, Heart, Hands” philosophy.

The place: Froidefontaine Farm

The training will take place at Froidefontaine Farm (http://www.froidefontaine.be), a collective farm and incubator where several producers and crafts (wo)men work on a daily basis. Hence, this Art of Hosting training will take place in an ecosystem that is a living example of a thriving collective experience, which will feed our reflections and practice.

Practical information

Start: 14 November 2019 at 6.30pm – End: 17 November 2019 at 4.00pm

Where: Froidefontaine Farm, Froidefontaine 1, Havelange
The training is residential, if you live nearby, you can sleep at home, but be aware that the process will continue into the evenings with various activities as well as preparation for roles you might have stepped up for on the next day.

Language: English

How much:
We want to make this training accessible to all, regardless of financial situation.
We have taken account of the following factors in setting our prices: 

  • We know the market for business training and in that context we offer a very competitive price
  • We are aware that NGOs, local authorities and micro-firms work with very small budgets
  • We understand that individuals who enroll might be juggling with a low monthly income

We leave it to you and your conscience to choose which financial contribution you want and can make. If our prices are still too steep for you and you want to participate, come and talk to us about it! Together we will find a solution. We operate on the principle of ‘give what you can and a little bit more’.

Included: training participation, workbook, overnight stay, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tea, coffee and snacks. If you wish for a single room or no lodging, please contact us and we’ll find a solution.

(*) Shared economy is a cooperative, responsibility-based approach to funding the training where the community as a whole holds the financial responsibility, and not just the organising team. Taking into consideration the costs of the event and one’s own financial resources, each participant is invited to identify what they can pay, then add a little more. You pay a first installment upfront and a second installment at the end of the training.

First installment: for venue, accommodation, shared room, catering and minimal contribution to organising and hosting the training: €484,00 / € 605,00 including VAT, payable upfront.

Second installment: The 2nd installment will be decided by yourself DURING the training and covers the hosting fees for the team. For some the average will be too high; others can easily pay more…

We will give time and attention during the training to open this conversation and this experiment; you will then decide what the training is worth to you and what you can contribute; together we check how we can cover the budget.


Please fill out this form to register. Once we have confirmed your participation, you will receive a welcome mail with everything you need to know to prepare for the training.

More information:

– via email: schumachersprouts@gmail.com
– via phone: questions of substance: +32 473 50 21 76 (Ria) ||  administrative questions: +32 495 52 25 78 (Pauline)

Hosting team:

Ria Baeck

Ria Baeck

Art of Hosting Steward

Ria brought the Art of Hosting to Belgium in 2006 and continues to learn more about it every day. Her special focus these days is on how we can apply the principles to everyday situations in organisational contexts. Her antennae are always sensing into what is next, what unborn potential is present. She is excited by self-organisation and the emergence of the truly new. She also appreciates good theory and models. Grandmother of 6, Ria loves dancing and working in her organic garden. Spotted Zebras – Percolab – Collective Presencing

Valérie Carrette

Valérie Carrette

Art of Hosting Practitioner

As a consultant, Valérie supports the potential of managers, employees and their organizations. She has participated in various international courses on leadership such as ‘Transformational presence for leaders’ (Alan Seale), ‘Who do we choose to be? Reality, Leadership and Sanity ‘(Margaret Wheatley),’ Change Makers Alchemy of Courageous Choice ‘(Mac Macartney) and ‘Going horizontal ‘(Samantha Slade). She has a special interest in participatory leadership and practices that generate and built on collective intelligence.

Marina Lynch

Marina Lynch

Art of Hosting Practitioner

Marina is exploring the world of participatory practices in communities and organisations. After working at a multinational company for several years, she decided to dedicate her energy to bringing a human-centred perspective to organisations and supporting meaningful conversations through co-creation. In addition to Art of Hosting, she uses practices for non-hierarchical work from ‘Going Horizontal’ in her approach. Originally from the US, Marina currently lives in Ghent, Belgium and speaks Dutch and some French.

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14 November 2019 @ 6:30 pm
17 November 2019 @ 4:00 pm
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Ferme de Froidfontaine, Havelange
1, Froidefontaine
5370 Havelange, 5370 Belgium
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